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DAISY - 5000

Our latest offering in the field of digital advertizing media is the DAISY-5000 unit. An all-inclusive electronic package designed to meed your digital advertizing needs.

The DAISY-5000 comes with our custom-designed Digital Advertizing System embedded in a 50" (Diagonal) LCD display. Connect any form of storage media - from CF cards to external USB drives and use the unit as a digital billboard in shopping malls, hotels, cafes, airport, stadium replacing the conventional billboards. Consumes very little power and is an integrated unit with no trailing wires or complex connectors, no need to attach a digital video player or a computer, a fact that makes the DAISY-5000 way ahead of the competitors. Installation at your chosen location is just a matter of picking up your phone and dialling (800) 890-1026. Call us now and avail of an exciting discount offer on DAISY-5000! You can also visit us at www.teamdas.com.